Yolanda Berry MSc

Yolanda is BLOK Solutions’ Behavioural Economist. At BLOK Solutions we recognise that behind every customer is a person, and each person has their own set of biases that motivate their decision making. Yolanda has a client list that includes national and local governments, fintech and biotech start-ups, as well as local environmental initiatives. She has experience with myriad teams all over the world and has lived and worked on three different continents.

In addition to the years of industrial behavioural experience that Yolanda brings to the team, she is also an enthusiastic environmentalist who has strong visions of how behaviour and technology can combine to bring the environment back from the brink of destruction. She speaks regularly at conferences on behaviour change and has written the article “Behaviour and Technology got us into thisĀ mess, Behaviour and Technology will get us out”.

Subject Matter Expertise:

Yolanda’s expertise lies primarily in:

  • Behavioural Economics/Science
  • Testing and Measuring change

Industry expertise:

Wherever human behaviour is involved, behavioural insights are valuable. Yolanda has worked directly with:

  • National and local governmental recycling programs
  • Waste and recycling companies
  • Product design start-ups
  • Fintech start-ups
  • Volunteer organisations to keep the beaches and oceans clean

International expertise:

Yolanda holds dual citizenship status for the USA and the UK. She has lived and worked in:

  • UK
  • USA
  • Singapore


Visit Yolanda’s LinkedIn profileĀ here