Your ID, your data

BLOK Pass is a self-sovereign ID (SSID) wallet that allows you to safely store, verify, and prove your identity or credentials via a QR code on your phone – without ever revealing personal information.

Self-sovereign means that you own and control all the information in your wallet. Once you add and verify a credential in the wallet, it’s yours to own. You have full and exclusive control over it.

Our SSID is built over the following pillars:

Ownership and Control: Users have exclusive ownership and control over the information they associate with their identity. It’s their information to keep, and can’t be tampered with, or arbitrarily taken away by third parties.

Informed Consent: Every identity check and interaction requires explicit consent from users. All consent requests should inform users about what kind of data the verifying party is asking to check.

Privacy: No personal information should ever be revealed by the check, and no personal data should ever leave the user’s device. All checks happen programmatically, behind encryption, via an anonymous handshake between devices.

Identity for the 21st century

As internet connectivity increases across all corners of the world, so do the burdens, costs, and risks associated with the storage and management of data – especially of personal data.

Current centralised identification systems are prone to be breached by hackers, exploited by malicious actors, and even abused by authoritarian governments, with people having close to zero control over what their personal data is being used for – or by whom.

The need for a private and secure form of digital identification has never been greater.

We believe that a secure, flexible, and user-controlled identity is the most basic building block in the digital age – allowing people and businesses to own their data, and access (or control access to) services and spaces in a frictionless, secure way.

We’re building BLOK Pass with privacy by design, accessibility, efficiency and security as key features to empower individual freedoms and help bring about fairer, more connected societies in the digital age.

Your data is safe

Your information is never shared with us or anyone- there’s no central database to be breached or exploited. All your personal information is encrypted and stored locally on your phone, only accessible to you.

Your data is kept under multiple layers of encryption so that it can’t be extracted by third parties or hackers – only you can unlock it.

The encryption also prevents any tampering with the data, ensuring the integrity of the information for you and anyone verifying your identity.

Proof of identity

Proving your identity doesn’t require you to give away your details or expose personal information. With BLOK Pass, an identity check by a third party involves a simple yes-or-no question, and no personal information is ever exchanged.

Via her app or system, the verifying party asks if you are who you claim to be.

On your app, you choose to accept or decline the check. ID checks ALWAYS require your explicit permission.

The verifier receives confirmation if your information matches her records and the check is complete.

What can you do with BLOK Pass?

You can use your BLOK Pass to undergo identity checks both online and offline, allowing you to access services and spaces, sign into online platforms, prove ownership, attest skills and qualifications, or anything that requires identifying who you are.

On top of that, using BLOK Pass also allows you to securely verify the identity of the asking party before you allow the check to proceed. This way, you always have the explicit choice to reveal as much – or as little – as you want.

Here are some examples of what you can do with BLOK Pass:

– Securely store credentials issued to you by third parties (like employer ID, loyalty schemes, educational and professional certifications, etc).

– Use your phone to prove your identity to businesses, organisations, travel checkpoints and any others

– Store, manage, and update temporary credentials, such as visitor passes, visas, vaccination certificates and any others.

How it works

– Install the app and follow the instructions to set up your BLOK Pass.

– Add your credentials or any other forms of identification issued to you by third parties.

– Verify your credentials with a certified verifier. You need to do this just once.

– When undergoing an identity check, use the app to prove your identity without sharing your data.

All the verifier ever gets is a confirmation that you are who you say you are; they never get access to sensitive personal information.

Download BLOK Pass now and take ownership of your digital self.

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